• The organization makes every effort to complete the booked trips on time and in a professional manner. The company’s vessels and coaches meet all of the safety requirements set forth by law for these tours.
  • Third-party liability insurance protects passengers. Every boat tour includes a sufficient number of life jackets for adults and children, as well as a first-aid kit.
  • At least half an hour before the stated departure time, passengers should arrive at the embarkation location.
  • At least one adult should accompany underage passengers, who will be responsible for their safety and supervision.
  • Pregnant women should inform the crew or personnel of their pregnancy in order to receive appropriate care.
  • Passengers are responsible for keeping their personal belongings and money they may carry safe. The owner company bears no responsibility for the potential loss of property.
  • Customers must pay the entire ticket amount in order to secure their reservations.


The ticket cost is not returned in the event of a passenger cancellation. Participation in the tour on a different day is feasible if spaces are available and the firm is notified at least two days in advance.